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Company Introduction Past History


  • Tuntex Distinct Corp., a core business unit of Tuntex group, initially launched on Dec. 4, 1972 began the manufacture of developing polyester series products to this date, with its operations expanded into the real estate properties market in 1980.
  • The paid-up capital valued NT$15.5 billion as of 2003.
  • Tuntex Distinct Corp.'s chemical fiber plant is located in Hsinchih Township, Tainan County, boasting a daily production output of 1,240 tons.
  • The firm went public in 1989 listed under the construction stock, and as the chemical fiber business has accounted for 65% of the firm's total revenues over the recent years, the firm's stocks have been reclassified under the textile stock as of 1997.


The chemical fiber division
Simplified Engineering Process and Largest Production Capacity

Chemical fiber is the core business of Tuntex Group. The plant operates at a daily level of 1,240 tons, which already benefits from economies of scale. It has the world's largest single production line with a daily level of 450 metric tons. For many years, the Group has made great effort to improve engineering process of chemical fiber products. In addition to producing high-value added mainstream products, the company accomplished the development of engineering process of 3-Reactor. It is more cost-effective and easy to operate than the traditional 5-Reactor.

In view of the insufficient electricity supply on the island, Tuntex Distinct Corp. invested in a steam and electricity co-generation plant in 1985. Another two plants were established in 1992 and 1997, respectively. The total power supply generates 125MW and it is now second to Formosa Plastic Corp.

In 1996, Tuntex Distinct Corp. established a technology cooperation with the Japanese company, Hitachi, to build up a trail-run PTA (Pure Terephthalic Acid) plant with an annual capacity of 70,000 tons in a bid to develop new technology for the production of IPA. The plant construction was completed in 1998. The acquisition of PTA know-how will create substantial profit base for the company.

After having accumulated many years of experience in plant expansion, in 1987 a turnkey polyester fiber plant was exported to the MAP-TA-PHUT industrial park in southern Thailand with a space of 300,000 square metres and an annual production yield of 105,000 metric tons. Due to good sales performance, Tuntex (Thailand) Public Company Limited became listed on the Thailand stock exchange in 1993. It is the first Taiwan company in the chemical fibers industry to become listed on the overseas market. In 1995, a polyester plant with an improved annual capacity of 126,000 tons was established. This is the largest chemical fiber plant in Thailand. A turnkey chemical fiber plant was opened in Xiang-Lu (Xiaman) of Mainland China in 1993, with a space of over 60-hectare and an annual capacity of 210,000 metric tons. The mass production commenced in 1995.

Taiwan has outperformed other countries in the integration of chemical fibers industry. Tuntex Group has successfully developed vertical integration from the petrochemical industry to the textiles industry, with the advantage of self-supplied raw materials and economies of scale.

Furthermore, the Group has become more independent on technology development and the product quality has met international standard. The chemical fibers divisions in Taiwan and Xiang-Lu (Xiaman) Industries Ltd. were given ISO accreditation

The Group will accelerate the globalization process in the future. The product lines and export/import sales percentage will be set according to different geographic areas and market demands in a bid to maximize overall profits. It is anticipated that Tuntex Group will play a leading role in the international arena.

The real estate development division
Depicting Taiwan's Paramount Skyline

Tuntex Distinct Corporation (TDC) entered the real estate business in 1980. With twenty-years experience in real estate development, Tuntex Group has built numerous landmark buildings in Taiwan, including the City Garden Plaza on An Ho Rd., in Taipei (high-priced real property in urban area) and Oriental Technopolises in Hsichih (the new landmark building), and 85-storey T&C Tower in Kaohsiung, highest skyscraper in Taiwan's architectural history. These buildings not only laid the new foundations in Taiwan's construction industry, but also created diversified values. In recent years, Tuntex Group has transformed its business into real estate and property businesses to cope with the reengineering of construction market in Taiwan.

Tuntex Group's construction projects include office buildings, recreational and residential buildings, hotels, commercial centers, shopping malls, plant, residential communities, etc. The construction projects are built with benefits of diversified functions and high convenience.

The recently completed 85-storey T&C Tower is ranked No. 5 in the world with height of 348 meters. This structure not only marked the new era of skyscraper in Taiwan, but also became the new landmark building in southeastern Asia. In addition to diversified functions of entertainment, shopping, hotel, sightseeing, T&C Tower brings crowds of people for business opportunities, provides offices for business operation and panoramic view, the T&C tower is a paragon of multi-functional skyscraper.

To satisfy the needs of business for high-efficiency operations, Tuntex Group built the Oriental Technopolises, a commercial building which provides diversified and practical functions including exhibit centers, commercial centers planet, office, etc. This building of 430,000 square metres space is the best showcase for the powers of leading enterprises with advantage of cost efficiency. Oriental Technopolises became the priority options for the head offices of Acer Group and Wei Chuan Group, and other international enterprises.

In addition to its success in each real estate development projects, Tuntex Group's earlier construction projects, such as Chinese Emperor's Plaza, designed by the guru of architect Mr. C.Y. Lee, is a work of art exhibiting the beauty of Chinese architectures. Chinese Emperor's Plaza was built with radiant brick walls and elaborate pavilions, featuring fascinating garden. To date, Chinese Emperor's Plaza remains a classic and legend in the architectural history of Taiwan.

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Company Introduction Past History

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